A Note From Peter Blue

Evident Productions has come a long way from the DBA that it started out as more than 17 years ago. I’ve had the privilege to work behind the scenes, and also work out in front of some of the most cutting edge and biggest productions in the last decade with this company. Most of these clients are those who value what Evident can provide them.

While the methods by which we engage audiences and the technology has evolved, the core mission and who Evident is hasn’t changed.

Our Business Model

It’s quite simple. We don’t compete, we simply fill a niche to provide unique, one-of-a kind solutions with professional service. This often times throws businessmen with old school, and traditional wiring of a successful business structure for a loop. Some have even seen us as a threat. That simply is not the case. Evident is here to help make your team a success, and to help your client or audience see you as a valuable partner or voice to listen to.

We don’t take projects or customers away from our clients. There have been many cases where we have alerted our customers of the potential to lose their clients and have saved their relationship as a result. We are here to help our clients succeed.

Evident shifts and changes with your needs and technology demands. The company is structured to be flexible to come in as one man (myself), or support as a team to help deliver success for you. We stay up on current technology to help guide our clients and minimize the stress in making their dreams a reality.

What We Provide

Concept and Event Technical Development

Whether you’re needing bold, fresh ideas to convey your message, or you need someone to develop a thorough plan and guide your team through the process, we can help you. Evident has provided conceptual to implementation support for projects ranging from game shows to marketing events.

Advanced Consulting & Production Support

In our confusing world of “pixels and K’s,” many of our clients have come to us frustrated, yet leave satisfied with the production quality delivered at a higher level of ease than they initially imagined. Evident provides advanced high-resolution programming and operation, as well as the large scale experience, needed to deliver consistent success. The majority of these projects start in a client-requested consulting capacity, but sometimes our clients just need a programmer or operator to make an event successful. They simply want the right answers and the experience to back up their real-world solutions.

This has become one our client’s most valued resources. Being able to guide them through the choppy waters of technology from their first creative concepts to final on-site installation and performance guidance. Our consulting has provided a “human” insurance policy for integration success to many.

“Strike Force” Highly Skilled Technical Teams

Many up and coming companies find themselves lacking the experience and advanced skilled talent to deliver the success needed for their larger projects. We simply come alongside of them and provide the leadership and key personnel to help make their team a greater success than they could be on their own. From high-resolution processing experts, to broadcast and projection-mapping specialists, our teams work behind the scenes of many projects to help deliver the consistency and quality that are needed.

White Labeled or Separate Entity Delivery

Whether our clients are gear houses, or turn-key production companies, the detail to highly complex projects still remains critical to all. That’s why many larger organizations call us to help build the project plans, specify the equipment involved, and provide assistance to guide their teams through delivering successful results to their clients.

At the same time, we work with other entities both big and small that may not have the resources, but need the quality and experience we provide. We’re happy to simply turn around projects with our long term clients, no matter how big they are, and allow them to white label our services, designs, “strike force” teams, and integration processes to give them a greater success rate with their end clients.

Project Development, Team Leadership, & Technical Development Consulting

From project and technical managers, to company executives, many decision makers often find they simply cannot keep up with the pace of technology. Critical and constant questions that they have to find answers for are often needed quickly. We deliver solutions to help implement designs to work properly.

Depending on relationships, or the political nature of projects, sometimes our clients prefer that we work as a separate entity, or underneath their brand name. We’re flexible to meet the needs of our clients and aren’t bound to making a name for ourselves. We see it from the perspective that our clients help create our reputation for us. After all they’re the ones who called Evident in the first place, not their customers. Anything that helps create success for them, or makes the process efficient, whether side-by-side, or supporting as part of their team, we see as equally successful business mechanics.

Who We Work With

Individual Companies & Projects

A gamut of small creative boutiques to olympic-sized, international production houses call on our services. The size of the company doesn’t matter to us as much as the potential for long term success that we can deliver to our clients. We’ve worked with marketing and branding teams of only a couple of people, that really need our experience to make their project stand out. Our global clients look to us often times to provide the technology edge and leadership that helps them perform far above their normal abilities no matter their size.

Marketing & Branding Agencies

We work often with creative teams who are needing to make the most amount of impact, while delivering a sensory-intense experience to audiences. Agencies call us who are often asked by clients to handle some of the standard needs simultaneously to communicate their client’s messages to the media through standard platforms. We handle the technical logistics to help them deliver their clients expectations.

We've worked to create immersive, media rich, and interactive experiences for clients from Hilton to Samsung. From building seamless screens the size of football fields, to high-resolution 360 degree projection experiences for only a few hundred, or thousands people, our repeat business speaks for itself with the consistency we deliver to make high and lasting impacts for global brands.

Broadcast Networks & Production Companies

Interactive platforms and high-resolution design into broadcast sets is becoming an increasingly popular trend.

We help guide network executives to set fabricators with our consulting services. We guide the on-site solutions with our teams to deliver the success needed for both Hollywood and international live broadcasts alike. From technical directing gaming infrastructures to providing lead engineering and high-resolution screen services, Evident has been privileged to work with power house teams and companies all over the world.

Creative Designers & Business Start-Ups

Taking an extraordinary vision and making it a reality can be extremely challenging today. While it may seem that creative designers and business start-up investors are in completely different categories, when they come to us they often times have very similar questions.

Helping these clients create concise plans that helps deliver a foundation of what should be expected with current technology is critical for success. Also helping them to avoid costly mistakes due to lack of information and knowledge is where we come in to help finesse projects. Whether creative designers are wanting to know their limitations, or a businessman needs to know the current way to connect with his intended market, we deliver solutions that provide concise results with impact messaging that lasts.

Live Event & Tour Producing Entities

Finding the best way to engage an audience, keeping ticket prices low, while providing an immersive, unforgettable experience is often times difficult. From immersive marketing tours to taking traditional fine arts and giving them a new look with interactive media, our producing clients call us from the very beginning to help guide them through the creative, technical process. We help create robust touring solutions and provide strategic personnel to engage sold-out audiences night after night. Whether a client needs the latest in digital audio or communications design, or they need the flexibility for their production elements to be able to fit a myriad of venues, our years of in-the-field experience helps to elevate our clients productions with a quality unsurpassed by others.

Cutting Edge Technology Manufacturers

We don’t provide the traditional methodology of sitting on a couch and flipping through a trade magazine, then coming up with some random idea to provide guidance to our clients. Rather, we offer current and relevant information based on our experiences, trends, and clients needs to help manufacturers reach goals with their development that far exceeds what their normal in-house engineering and design teams could do.

Our experience has been called on by LED video wall manufacturers to proprietary signal processing equipment designers. The experience we provide and the counsel we give teams helps to connect the product with customers’ current demands and needs before products launch to market.

What We Don't Do

Upsell You on Things You Don’t Need

We simply don’t upsell products just because "they're cool." That’s not our goal, nor have we found that this cultivates long term success. If you need something, or there are consequences we have witnessed others have found by not using a mission critical piece of equipment, we’ll let you know. We’re here to help you succeed, not to make a quick buck and run.

Treat You Like a Bar Code or Number in the System

Evident really took off as a company when I focused on finding out what people want, need, and what they envision as success. I quickly found that if you provide the human experience in a very desolate, highly technologically driven world, it’s a rare, yet refreshing experience for customers that is extremely lacking in the market today.

Consequently, the core starting point of Evident with every client is to find out what the goals are from the client first. We then help them determine what is attainable and what elements will help deliver them the confidence and success to achieve those goals.

Skim Off the Quality to “Just Get By” for Your Message Delivery

Too many businesses try to pinch pennies and end up spending tens, or hundreds of thousands of dollars as a result of the consequences. While we certainly strive to work with our clients to meet their costs and budget numbers, we are open, and forthright with the options and consequences of their choices. We leave the decisions up to our clients to make, but provide them the core solutions and options to make the best decisions possible to successfully obtain their best results.

To Wrap it Up

Ronald Reagan had a paperweight that sat on his desk with a motto that read, “There is no limit to what a man can do or where he can go if he doesn’t mind who gets the credit.” That is one of our core values at Evident. We don’t care who gets the accolade, as long as our clients are successful in the end.

The short term is often times the only thing that other businesses and their models project that they are interested in pursuing. We pursue the opposite. Sure, we’re happy to help with the big projects that come around on a less frequent basis for many of our clients. In the end however, we want to see your success and strive to deliver the experience, plans, and expertise you need to grow long after your one-off project is complete.

The majority of our client base returns constantly for our in-the-field experience and professional support. The simple overall reason many state is that they understand Evident isn’t about a “one time shot,” but rather about investing in a long term relationship for their success.

If what you’ve read about Evident is something that you and your team are interested in, then I encourage you to contact us and start the discussion today to share your goals and visions with us. We are always interested in talking to potential clients, and those seeking the rare, unique professionalism that we strive to deliver.

On behalf of Evident Productions I want to invite you to contact us or browse on to view our services page. Let us discuss how Evident can help your projects and clients obtain a greater potential for growth and success.

Wishing You The Best of Success,

Find out how we uniquely deliver niche success for our clients.

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