About Evident

Evident’s unique form and versatility in its business structure provides comprehensive solutions for end clients, rental and staging companies and technology manufacturers.

Evident Productions began in 1999 with the simple goal of supporting clients with high quality, efficient production skills for events. What began as primarily production for concert tours, inspirational speakers series and other artist-driven shows has evolved into a multi-faceted one-stop consulting, marketing and solutions source for global clientele.

Evident Productions' creative solutions for live broadcast productions, corporate events and trade shows are in high demand, with the company providing tailored results for every size client, from small non-profits to Fortune 500 companies.

Evident leads the corporate event and trade show market in designing innovative ways to engage audiences and encourage participant interaction. From developing interactive demonstrations to using break-through technology that includes projection mapping and real-time content generation.

Through partnerships with other vendors, and collaboration on new uses for novel products, Evident strives to help clients determine how to best connect, communicate and captivate their audiences in order to create success for their products, messages, and ideas.

Evident provides turn-key solutions for overhauling or ramping up every aspect of a client's communications plan. From initial product or technical design to solo leadership in directing vendors and their teams, Evident’s unique business form enables everyone engaged with our services and talent to achieve their own personal success with technology.

Evident’s unique form and versatility in its business structure provides comprehensive solutions for end clients to technology manufacturers, including rental and staging companies. From initial consulting on product design, or integration needs, to final implementation plans and advanced technical support for events, Evident provides white labeled designs to individually branded services regardless of our clients' size and scope of work.

Whether you are looking for boots-on-the-ground experience and technical consulting, or you are needing full production support, Evident can help in providing all of your creative and technical development support needs.

Our expertise spans a broad range of real-world experiences with more than 17 years of perception and successful guidance. We’ve worked with clients on projects including long-term communications support; designing and programming lighting and video content for events; advanced programming and operating of high-resolution infrastructures; production and technical management; event flow designs; and epic display marketing solutions.

Evident fills a unique niche for custom tailoring solutions for technology integration, creative events, and other marketing needs for our clients. Unlike large companies who often try to force a "one size fits all" solution on their clients, Evident is built on giving clients that "ma and pop" comfort of a personalized solution that meets their specific needs. We strive to deliver the personal and high-end professional care that makes for seamless, flexible solutions. These simple principles are the basis for Evident Production's continued success and international sought after experience.

We focus on staying current with the cutting edge of new and innovative technologies. Through this focus we help our clients connect with their audiences, communicate their ideas, and captivate lasting impacts which in return gives them their own one-of-a-kind solution for long term success.

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