Broadcast / Motion Picture

With our experience ranging from gaming technology for network shows, to supporting and leading the technology design for feature film segments, the resources we provide have helped many producers and production houses find the perfect solutions for their projects.

We provide a peace of mind to our clients working in the broadcast and film industries that helps them stay ahead of the curve. With our guidance on what latest products they need to use, producers trust our experience to eliminate the on-set stress.

We help guide production teams from initial concepts and designs, to the integration of tech-intensive set pieces. Evident’s teams take care of integrating and running the critical components so our clients can enjoy creating their feature presentation.

ABC's To Tell The Truth

Evident supported our friends over at Freemantle Media for the Season 1 reboot of the classic TV show, "To Tell The Truth." Our work has been seen on work ranging from, "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" to live sporting events and awards shows.

Trust In Our Professional Quality Seen Live By More Than 2 Billion World-wide

We will forever be grateful for the reliance and trust that our clients continue to have in us to provide them hassle-free, professional support when it's needed most. When Michael Jackson's memorial service was to be aired, we were asked to provide the technical coordination and direction of the crew for the in-house video displays seen by more than 17,000 in attendance. Additionally what we provided in support then was used and seen by more than 2 billion people who watched it live all over the world.

Our specialized technical team's experience is relied on by many in broadcast. Find out why.

Let us help your production exceed expectations.