Experiential Marketing

If your team focuses on looking for that audience participation edge, then you know the difficult process it is to translate creative ideas into reality; especially when decisions can be made last minute.

We help boutique start-ups to large agencies come up with creative opportunities to help their clients deliver a lasting brand engaging experience.

Whether you are wanting to charge your staff up with excitement in a week long conference, or you are looking to target a specific global demographic, we help connect creativity with reality. Evident works with many creative teams to help make their messages stand out, and help their audience engage in unforgettable experiences.

Callaway's RAZR Product Line Las Vegas Promotional Shoot

Evident worked with the creative designers, coordinated the round-the-clock labor, and helped to coordinate the logistics between vendors for the week long Callaway Golf advertisement shoot. The shoot took place in the middle of the Mirage Volcano, on a self-supporting island in the Bellagio Fountain Lake, and on the top of the Excallibur Resort and Casino.

Thor Red Carpet Premiere Link Up With The Children's Hospital of Los Angeles

We had the privilege of working with the UK based Red Bull Agency to bring the Thor Red Carpet premiere live to some of Thor's biggest fans in the world. This experiential marketing was showing the professional capabilities of Red Bull's client Skype. We used Skype to link-up and perform live interviews with the patients from the Children's Hospital with many of the actors, and famous guests, at the red carpet premiere.

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