Projection Mapping

Whether you’re needing to projection map a building, or real-time track large custom set pieces, there are a lot of options on the market. Many manufacturers build flexibility into their hardware and software designs. Knowing their limitations, and how they translate to a seamless presentation in the real world, only comes with experience from years of working with the right solutions.

We have been working on customers’ projection mapping projects for years. From the initial concepts of using blended projection in shows, to image warping on non-symmetrical surfaces, we have helped many clients determine the best plans, and equipment, to meet their needs.

We take a unique approach in guiding our clients through understanding the needs for coordinating content designers guidelines to drafting and implementing the on-site technical infrastructure that is needed to deliver reliable success. Let our teams be your ever-evolving resource of experience to depend on for your creative projection mapping project.

Sony Booth At CES

Over the years we have had the privilege of working both directly for Sony and invited in as part of the technical team from Creative Technology to deliver a successful 360 degree seamless projection experience for their audience at CES.

Projection Larger Than A Football Field

We are often asked to help support agencies deliver extraordinary experience for their clients. We were requested to support Agency AE in delivering an unforgettable experience with projection that took over an entire ball room. The screen used for the Hilton International Partners Conference spanned more than three hundred feet wide and was fifteen feet tall. The audience impact from the larger-than-life experience was unforgettable.

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