Specialized Technical Teams

Evident Productions’ crews brings outstanding experience and expertise to the table to support our clients in the best possible way. We constantly are working with and training in the latest technology. This provides our clients the critical team with experience and knowledge to make their creative projects a success.

If you’re needing support in the form of a turn-key radio frequency coordination (RF coordination) team to help prevent issues at your event, we can help. If you’re needing the experienced leaders in high-resolution and broadcasting technology, we’re here for you.

Our highly skilled technical “strike force” teams come in and deliver the mission critical expertise to help your team be all that they can be.

Whether you’re a rental and staging company that needs a higher technical knowledge level to support your in-house crew, or you’re needing a “human insurance policy” to make sure your project goes off without a hitch, we’re flexible, yet skilled to help you achieve your best while making sure you get the credit for success.

If you want to avoid headaches caused by lack of knowledge with local labor, or you want a team you can count on so you can give your best to your audience, give us a call. We can take the anxiety off of your back so you can enjoy your project instead of dreading the stress and worry over whether you have the right people for the job.

Allstate National Insurance Forum

We provided the crew that helped the internal agency and creative designers implement their creative plan for Allstate. From the initial CAD design, media server and lighting pre-programing, to the on-site integration of content and technical infrastructure, we helped make it happen. Our team provided behind the scenes success that delivered a satisfied customer and engaged audience.

International Support Teams

Our support specialists helped to provide city-wide RF coordination to simultaneous venue productions for FIFA's World Congress. At the same time our broadcast and high-resolution team members helped to provide embedded audio/video signal, delivered over 8.5 kilometers of fiber, provided to 9 satellite up-link trucks. These feeds were sent to 24 networks and media outlets in more than 12 languages synchronized world-wide.

Work with our teams to support your project to obtain its best potential.

Learn why Evident's experience delivers one-of-a-kind solutions with our teams.